Affordable, accessible healthcare.
At home.

Putting patients first…

HomewardDOC is a group of family physicians that offers you the luxury of affordable consultations with a doctor of your choice in the comfort of your own home, without the need to spend long periods in crowded waiting rooms and hospitals.


A return to old-school medical services with a personal touch

No matter what the ailment, your HomewardDOC doctor will come to you for an in-depth home visit to assess the problem and work out a treatment plan. There’s no rush, with visits typically lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the problem. You’re free to ask questions, discuss options and spend quality time with your doctor, focussing on your health and prioritising your wellbeing.

Our services

House calls are a fundamental medical service, especially in today’s challenging times. As part of your consultation HomewardDOC provides professional mobile healthcare services, all without you having to leave your home! Your doctor will arrive fully equipped to give you a thorough health assessment and evaluation.



Acute and Chronic Illness Consultations

• Flu/Gastroenteritits/Acute pain etc
• Hypertension, Asthma, High Cholesterol etc
• Female and Child health
• Skin biopsies, wound care (including suturing) and removal of impacted ear wax.

Preventative Health and Wellness Consultations

• Screening for Chronic diseases and cancers
• Motivational consults for smoking cessation and healthy lifestyle modifications
• Assessment for IV therapy and supplement benefit

IV NAD+ Protocols

• 5 week Nad+
• NAD neuro-recovery
• 5 day NAD+ protocol
• 3 day NAD+ protocol
• NAD+ single unit
• NAd+ neuro-recover


IV Therapy

• Weight Loss Booster
• Healthy Gut
• Anti-Aging

• Anti-Aging Deluxe

• Mood and Brain Booster
• Detox
• Detox Plus
• Hangover
• Rapid Recovery

Our approach

HomewardDOC’s Mission: Quality patient-orientated healthcare in the comfort of your own home across South Africa.

 HomewardDoc’s Vision: To restore the relationship between doctors and patients, making family physicians valued and active members of every community, ensuring that high quality professional healthcare is accessible to all.

 HomewardDoc’s Values: We believe in the concept of transparent communication between doctors and their patients, being of service to our patients when they need us, becoming part of our patients’ lives and cornerstones of our communities.

We believe that quality professional healthcare should be accessible to everyone without them having to leave home to achieve it. We foster the relationship between doctor and patient through the practice of sound, evidence-based clinical medicine in a holistic manner that encourages overall health and wellbeing and not just the treatment of a specific ailment.

How we work



Make a booking

Select a doctor and make an appointment that suits you



Our physicians will visit you in the comfort of your own home


Online payment

Receive your invoice and make a safe and secure online payment

We do not work with medical aids, so you will be required to claim back the cost of your consultation yourself if you are covered for it.
To register on HomewardDOC you need to be over the age of 18. For patients younger than 18, parents and guardians are required to register on their behalf. 

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions here.


Is there a HomewardDOC doctor in my area? If so, how do I find them?

Under our Book an appointment tab you are able to search for your city/area and if there is a doctor available, you should be able to make a booking.

How do I make an appointment?

Preferably online, but you can also contact your doctor via whatsapp or phone.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Depending on availability, 12 hours before the desired appointment. If you need someone more immediately, rather get in contact with the doctor via email or phone.

What if there's an emergency?

HomewardDOC is not an emergency response service. For any emergencies please go to your nearest hospital emergency centre, telephone 10111 for ambulance services or contact your medical aid emergency service provider.

How do I pay my bill?

On your Invoice there will be a link to make payment via Paygate or you can EFT the funds and send a proof of payment via email.

Will HomewardDOC submit claims to my medical aid?

HomewardDOC does not submit claims to medical aids. The patient is responsible for the account, although an invoice will be given with appropriate coding for medical aid submission by the patient.

What happens if I have to cancel my appointment?

For cancellation between 1 and 24 hours before the appointment, the patient will be responsible for 50% of the consultation fee. If the cancellation is made within the hour or the patient is not on the premises at the time of the appointment, the patient will be responsible for 100% of the consultation fee.

What happens if I need to have X-rays or other diagnostic procedures?

Your doctor will liaise with the appropriate doctors, departments and service providers and discuss these with you.

How is my data stored and will it be shared?

The protection of your personal data is our priority. Your personal data is captured and stored on a secure server

What happens if I need to be admitted to hospital?

Your doctor will discuss matters with the appropriate specialist at the appropriate hospital to have you admitted, and send you with a referral note to hospital.